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About BDS


At BusyDayShopping, we believe that every girl deserves to live Luxuriously!


BusyDayShopping is an affordable jewelry and accessory boutique. The motivation behind the boutique was sparked by a desire to align every girl's desire for luxurious goods with affordable pricing. This makes our product ideal for the everyday girl, who possess the confidence to chase her dreams while remaining stylish. Enter BusyDayShopping!

We thrive on providing top notch customer service to our customers and potential customers the same. was founded in March 2013.


"Made for the boss babe who is used to doing everything herself, from designing to setting up a shopping cart service, handling merchant accounts, building a supply chain, photography, purchasing, packaging, marketing and every little detail of of their passion. You will leave as a customer feeling satisfied with a new sense of new confidence that will leave you wanting to take over the world"