Most people would love a high credit score but it seems most people do not know how to go about improving and maintaining their credit score. I have put together my 5 top tips that I live by in order to maintain a high credit score.

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Here are some quick tips on maintaining an almost perfect credit score:

  • Pay all your bills right away! If you can’t pay it right away, then schedule it for payday so it can come out immediately when you do have the money.
  • Always pay more than minimum due on all bills if possible 
  • Keep low balances on all debt accounts (credit cards, car loans, etc.)
  • Pay off any debt quicker. That will in turn mean you have also paid less interest than if you made regular payments. (Double plus!)
  • Don’t have your credit run for awhile. Running your credit dings it in a negative way. 

Bonus tip: if you don’t have credit or can’t get a card to improve your credit then you can apply for a secured credit card.


Let me know in the comments if you want a more detailed post and video on how to get a credit card when you have no credit or very bad credit.


April 27, 2019 by BusyDayShopping .com

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